April 2008 Tech Day

We had a great 1/2 tech day. The weather and the projects were going great until I had to take off for an emergency around 1:00. Sorry for running off guys and cutting some projects short. We'll try for a make-up day.
Some others were planning to come in the afternoon. Hopefully they can make it next time.

Thanks to Zak and Sydney for taking pictures and documenting the work!

Here's what was accomplished (let me know if I missed anything) :
Brandon's Debugging vibration in front end

Ted's Rusted out fender repair that we didn't finish....and a host of guys observing

Benjamin and Larry on s10 tune up

Tony Carvan Oil change

Lance's new mini

Seth's oil change,

Jared's A/C recharge on the Corolla - Is it still cold?- (photographer didn't get a picture of the actual recharging equipment....)