April 2010 Tech Day

Wet, Rainy, but still productive. We stayed inside and it turned out great. Of course after everyone left the weather cleared and it was a nice evening - strange Colorado...
(No Pic) Steve replaced the starter on his Volvo. Went much quicker and simpler than expected. Thanks to Jim for helping!
(No Pic) John helped others on their projects. He also spent some time separating metal parts for recycling
(No Pic) Roy (Rod's Dad) had his Caddy OBD codes checked. Number 7 had a miss, but the parameters for root cause weren't clear. He changed the plugs a little later and all seems to be fixed.
(No Pic) Dale and Elizabeth stopped by for a bit. They were heading to a party, but missed us so much they just had to come by.

Alan changed the rear brakes on his 4Runner. Went pretty quick with Josh's help.

Josh tried to discover reason for sagging spring. Looks like nothing is broken so he'll just replace it.
Also used the hyraulic press to move his rear bumper back into place from a previous owners mishap. Worked out pretty well.

THe other Josh replaced a valve cover gasket on the 390 in his manly truck. He replaced the other one later in the week.

Zak accomplished a bit more body work on his Mustang. Looking good!

Ted changed the oil in his Subaru. Tried to debug a noise in the front end, but sounds like it may be in the transmission. He'll do some more checking on that.