August 2008 Tech Day

Quite a productive day. Even in spite of the wedding going on next door which had us trying to be quiet for an hour. NOt easy, but we managed it. Peter even took the opportunity to harmonize with the wedding music. Not often you can serenade automotive work.

Our 2 longevity winners were Jim and Glenn. Both working on motors. They left around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. Glenn's was to install a motor - which he did. Jim's was to solve a couple problems and provide billet - very nice.

We had 2 donations for us to use. One from Lois - polish for plastic headlights - works great. One from Seth - for A/C charging. Thanks! So feel free to use these next time.

If i missed anything, let me know.

See you then!

Adam - TOyota pickup - Began rust repair. Made a big hole and formed replacement panels! Now the challenge is to replace it!

Brandon -Minivan - Charged AC and replaced oil pan gasket (and oil of course). He also polished his plastic headlight covers with polish Lois donated. Works great!

Clay - Chevy truck - With John's assistance rotated tires and replaced air with high traction air in preparation for the winter....

Dale - Minivan - Oil change. Debugged battery charging issue but we still don't have it figured out. Cleaned brakes to eliminate squeak. Dale, did it work?

Dan - Mini cooper - Attempted to change brake pads again. Didn't have the correct piston compressor. Dan wouldn't go for my hammer idea. Such a lack of adventure!

Glenn and son Alex - MR2 - Started at 7:45 a.m. to replace the engine from the bottom up. Put the engine in the pit and then pulled it up through the car. Worked pretty good. Glenn left around 12:30 a.m. Sunday without the car. However after thinking it through overnight he came back Sunday morning, fixed a ground and started it up. Then drove it home a little while later! Glenn wins the most intense tech day award! If you look closely you can see some of the yellow powdercoated parts he did months ago in preparation for this day.

Jim - Camaro - Bling on the hi-performance motor! Not just bling but also solved a chinese torture squeal and leaking pwr steering pump (almost). New chrome alternator, Billet alternator pulley, chrome power steering pump, Billet PS pulley, billet radiator cap. BUilt and installed additional PS bracket to correct torque on PS bolts. Next tech day should include chrome radiator hose, braided spark plug wires and billet radiator overflow. Saaweeet!!!

Len - Cordoba - repaired wipers but not too sure it will stick. Just don't drive in the rain and the wipers will work fine!. Also replaced windshield washer motor on work van.

Lois - Honda - replaced headlight element. Dan did an excellent job polishing the plastic headlight covers. Wow, what difference that made! Lois donated the remainder of the polish for us to use. Thanks Lois!

Mazen and Malek - Corvette - Changed oil in the drive since the pit was so busy.

Peter - Camry - Replaced pads and rotors. Clay provided assistance - you can see him explaining the innerworkings of the braking system. Peter also harmonized with the wedding music next door. What a talented guy!

Seth - Honda - Attempted to charge the AC. Looked like it was working but the temp and pressure in the system would fluctuate between low and high without reason - or at least without reason that we could understand. Anyone have an answer? Seth did donate the charging aparatus and gauge for us to use. THanks Seth!

Steve - Volvo - replaced the blower on the heater/ac system. Had to make a 2 hour junk yard run for the replacement but was able to get it all done. $30 at junk yard .vs. $250 at the dealer!

Lunch - at least this time we didn't forget to eat.