Matt's Cars (pictures pending)

Those in bold are current

Ok guys, Mine is pretty long and complicated, I created a timeline for it. (Pictures are just for reference) I have very few good photos of the early years when I only had a Polaroid camera.

1991 – Bought a 1965 Chevy Nova 2-dr hardtop (mine was white) in Colorado and then moved to Minnesota where my “rust free” car was a hot item. I sold it for 2x what I paid.

1992 – Bought a 1971 Plymouth Duster.

1993 – Graduated from High School in Brainerd MN, Started College in Colorado Springs – Drove only a Mtn bike for my first year of college.
1994 – Bought a Yamaha 125 Scooter (NEW) and got my Motorcycle license

1994 – Bought a 1972 Buick Skylark for a former Compassion Employee (Denny Ballentine, in case you are curious) Mine was goldish with a white top.

1995 – Bought a Yamaha Virago 250 Red. Loved it.

1994 – Bought a 1966 VW Beetle that was a famous car. It had been custom restored by Pepsi-Cola for there Schweppes giveaway. You may have seen this car around town in Target stores and in front of Grocery stores. I signed up for this car in the drawing everywhere I saw it. I didn’t win it, but my girlfriend at the time knew the lady who won it and she only wanted a couple grand for it (Pepsi-cola had dropped over 8500$ in it. It was mint green and pink with a pink engine. (I am very secure in my masculinity, ion case you are wondering).

1994 – Finally got my AUTOMOBILE DRIVER’S LICENSE – yes I owned 4 cars before I had a license.
1995 – Bought a 1995 Suzuki Swift

1996 – Bought a classic Chevy Pickup

1996 – A friend of mine abandoned his truck on the highway and I asked him what he was gonna do with it and he said let it get impounded and auctioned off. I asked If he minded if I got it towed and fixed he handed me the keys and title and I grabbed it hours before it was due to be towed from I-25

1998 – Bought a Suzuki/Chevy Tracker

1998 – Bought a big ugly FORD CLASS-C motorhome from the 1970’s
1998 – Bought a 1981 Chevy nova.

1999 – Bought a Suzuki Samurai (Mine was not lifted like the one in the photo, otherwise it looked identical.)

2000 – Bought a 2000 Turbo Beetle (these had basically the same chassis as the Audi TT at the time. 1.8T engine. Loved this car but I got way too many tickets in it.

2000 – I bout a 1972 4x4 chevy pickup… MMMM nice

2001 Bought a Chevy Flatbed Dually pickup truck (I was in a band and we had thoughts of using it as a stage at events.)

2001 Bought “the beast” Yep a Delta88 – That car was a lot of fun.

2001 Bought another Yamaha Virago this time a 355cc

2001 Bought a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Pickup Truck

2002 – Got married - Inherited a Suzuki Esteem (my wife’s car)

2004 Bought a Ford Taurus – My wife and I hated this car despite everybody telling us how great they were.

2005 Bought a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle – Still Have it too. (that photo s actually my car)

2007 – Bought a 1999 Chevy Astro Van – Still have

2007 Bought a Acura Integra and painted flames on it. (still have)

So I hit 2 dozen and I am only 33. Do I beat Mazen?
• 1 Camper
• 12 Cars
• 3 Motorcycles (if the scooter counts)
• 5 Trucks
• 2 – Softtop offroad vehicles.
• 1 van

FYI – Technically I have never owned an SUV. Also, I have purchased around 20 bicycles in my life with a total cost of between 8 and 10K (I am buying a new bicycle today too).