Tim's Cars

Those in bold are current

1965 Mustang (almost 1st car)
The car I saved up for working at the bike shop…dude in suit is Version1.0 Tim Chambers. My uncle was to sell it to me when I turned 16, but he changed his mind. This was my cousins wedding, I was 15 at the time. Oh to have just half of that hair!! (I remember I got to dance at the reception with the girl in the maroon dress in the background….but that is another story….)

Official First Car.
This is the car I did get, 71 Monte Carlo…sweet car but I wanted something hotter, faster and louder…..just didn’t cut it for what I really wanted, had it less than a year……

OK…so this is it…a 1975 Plymouth Road Runner – had a 318 with cherry bomb exhaust and nice chrome rims……hotter, faster, louder…..and more oil leaks than one could count!! (ultra suede suit and cowboy boots were pretty cool too!)

So then… I got tired of oil leaks and putting $5 a day into the gas hogs tank…..so…..let’s get an orange Beetle! This was during the stage I took the bumper off to go with the dune buggy look….A little farm community where I lived…everyone had a truck…thus this baby was usually picked up (lifted!) by the “Ag and FFA Guys at school” and moved to a different part of the parking lot …..nearly everyday.

Sold the bug right after HS graduation….went to Alaska for the summer, then bought my 75 Z28 below…350 4 Barrel, very sweet car that had been repainted over nice PUTTY around the wheel wells….got rid of it in a year as the paint was coming off in large chunks!!

Fond of Monte Carlo’s, this 75 was my 2nd one. Great car that I totaled!! I was so bummed! During the deep freeze of January of 85 in Chicago (- 35 below) it was the only car in the parking lot that started…took a bunch of people out to get ice cream that night!!

Can you say…”Mistake?” Can you say the biggest hunk of junk ever made……after totaling the Monte Carlo on the Dan Ryan expressway in downtown Chicago on a snowy night…this was a quick replacement…..

I bought this car from a prof. in college, as I couldn’t take the Fiesta any more!! Great shape and fun….had a 260 V8…one of the smallest V8’s ever made.

Less than 24 hours after college graduation I traded the Cutlass on this brand new off the show room Honda CRX….with 45 MPG it was on the road all the time taking me to Indiana to see this cute blond. (I married her) Her dad was a union guy that worked at Chrysler, and did not appreciate me parking this foreign jobby in his drive way!

The last fun car I had….restored this sweetie from red to the original “vintage burgundy”. Had the original trunk mat, tool kit, and spare tire! I detailed this thing all the way down to repainting the faded speedometer needle tip with bright orange paint….had to sell it as it took up the whole garage….Dacia was getting tired of scraping the frost off her window in the mornings…..bummer!

The end…as I will probably be driving mini vans the rest of my life!