December 2008 Tech Day

OK, so this tech day can go on record as the coldest yet!
A few guys came by and we got some things accomplished (including Pizza) in spite of the temperature.
Larry hung around all day and helped out as needed. Thanks!
Peter came by also, but just for a couple minutes to say 'hey'.
Zak had the most intense project of the day.

Glenn - Changed oil, confirmed rear axle seal problem, changed wipers, and...was there something else Glenn?

Len - Changed oil in his van.
Was planning to remove the vinyl top on his Cordoba so he could refinish the top before selling it, but it was just too cold.

Jared - Brought by his new 2008 Saturn Aura that he 'stole'! What a great deal he got!
He installed a K&N filter. I'm sure it increased the horsepower by 50%!

Zak - Removed the old 302 from his Mustang II with the help of his friend David.
Found out it was locked up so he's planning to replace it with an '86 Fuel injected 302 and a 5 speed (in last picture)