February 2009 Tech Day

We had a very productive day and great weather. It was just on the edge of chilly most of the day but the sun made up for it.
Daniel wins the award for most projects in one day.
Lance and Josh took a Z06 ride and it seemed like they were not coming back. We just assumed they got arrested for inappropriate display of outrageous horsepower.
Dale stopped by for a bit even though he had other commitments.
Tony came by for a while to help Clay. However, Clay didn't show. Hmmmmm.....

Josh - Changed plugs in his Ranger. Actually had to look up the method on line. THese plugs were buried under all kinds of stuff. He ended up going through the wheel well to get to at least one of them. Ahh, the joys of modern machinery!

Larry - The power steering in Larry's classic El Camino is so powerful, one slight turn of the wheel almost sends it freely to full lock. He installed shims in the power steering pump to reduce the pressure. The last test drive was on his way home after tech day....i haven't heard from him since....

Tom and Will - Will just came in from where he's stationed in Hawaii the morning of tech day. He and his brother Tom changed the thermostat in their Blazer. They were done in about 10 minutes! Tom also helped debug the problem with Harry's car.

Daniel - Daniel got a 90's 4runner last Fall and wanted to do all the initial maintenance to make sure it was all good. He changed the fluid in the tranny, transfer case, rear end, and front end. He also repaired the license plate mounts. Wanted to get the wheel bearings packed but just ran out of time.

MazEn - His daughter's Volvo needed a couple things. Mazen checked the exhaust which was pretty much wasted between the 2 mufflers. He also confirmed a leak in the front seal on the rear-end. Didn't have the parts to fix those today. He also replaced a relay for the overdrive. Lance helped him out. Didn't have the right relay, but he did find one from an air horn and it seemed to work. We'll know later.

Harry - His Mazda wouldn't run so he and Doug towed it over to get some help. After a bit of diagnostic work, compression check, and a lead down test, it was discovered compression in 1 and 4 was 60 lb while 2 and 3 was 150. Obviously a problem. Doug was going to pursue a bit more diagnostic after tech day to determine the fix.

Lance - Change the oil in the Vette. The dipstick showed far too much oil and when he went to drain some out of the oil pan it was empty. After a short scare we discovered that's the way the dry sump work. Thanks to Veronica (Lance's wife) for bringing the documents we needed. And, she brought the Mini which was nice to look over again.