February 2010 Tech Day

Nice day! Lots of projects, lots of success.
(No Pic) Tim and his kids stopped by for a few minutes. Nice to see the kids!
Sonya prepared lunch again! Thanks!

Tony finished the install of his Liberty lift kit. Cool, shiny new parts. New wheels and tires too! Looks so nice, but we have no 'after' pictures yet....

Doug was going to change the rear brakes on his truck but the axle seal is leaking so bad he will have to wait until he repairs that next time so he doesn't waste a new set of shoes. Installed new rotors on the front. The caliper pins were too tight so he cleaned all that up. HOpefully it will still stop! He also changed the oil.

Josh changed the front rotors on his new SUV. A bit more involved than just sliding them on. The entire hub and bearing had to be dismantled and removed. Went ahead and packed the bearings while he was at it. Right side took hours....Left side took minutes... Checked the rear brakes a couple days later but they look fine. Also checked up on a strange leak from nowhere. Not sure, but we'll see if it continues to leak.

Seth changed the oil in his Pilot. Checked on a squeaky belt but ended up being a slight pulley noise. Should be ok for now.

Dale had a small radiator leak. Was the insert for the oil cooler mount. Not something that could be tightened on the plastic tanks so he ran down to get a rebuilt radiator. Installed it pretty quick and now all works good.

Alan replaced the rotors on his 4-runner. Will work on the rear drums next time.

Great to see Chuck stop by. He polished his Lexus headlights. It worked so well on his Nissan he decided to do this one too.

Jonathan did some cleanup work on his Pontiac's battery connections. Intermitent electrical issues should be resolved. The serpentine belt also needs to be replaced. However, it requires removal of a portion of the motor mount. Going to do that next time.