January 2009 Tech Day

A great tech day!
We had projects going from 9:15 until about 5:30.
Doug wins the most intense project of the day award, with a steering box replacement.
(The pictures were taken with an older camera so please excuse the photo quality.)

Tim - Cherokee - Brought Simeon along to change the oil in his Cherokee. Tim also disposed of some oil for us, thanks Tim.
Simeon even spent some time helping Zak remove the water pump from his 302. He's quite the good young worker.

Larry - Polished the plastic headlight in the van. What a difference! That polish works great for those dull plastic lenses.
Larry also checked on a clunking in the rearend when turning certain directions. The lug nuts were actually wearing out and the wheel holes were becoming enlarged.
He replaced the lugs, but we don't know if that resolved it or not
Larry also cleaned up an oil mess I made, Thanks!

Josh - Changed the oil on his 06 GTI. Nice car! Only problem was the German engineers tried to hide the filter so you'd have to take it to the dealer. But they couldn't pull that over on Josh.
We found out Josh has had a plethora of nice cars! We need pictures.

Doug - Replaced the steering box in his truck. It had been leaking profusely. Wasn't too much trouble, just took longer than expected. Not only did it stop the leak, it also tightened up the steering.

Tom - Checked the timing on his 5.0 Mustang. Just verifying it was correct after his distributor replacement. It was perfect! Nice job!

Zak - Began preparing the '86 302 for installation in his 75 Mustang. Primarily worked on intake, carb, exhaust, and water pump removal.
Now his plans are to get this car all ready, sell it, and get a 65 Mustang. Oh, yeah.

Lance - Brought the Z06. WOW. Was planning an oil change but decided to hang out and keep us company instead. Oil change can be next month since it didn't really need it today.

Dale - Finished the repair above taillight on GTO. Now there's only a couple things left on the car....