January 2010 Tech Day

(No Pic) Dale checked the brakes on his Buick, but they looked good. No brake job
(No Pic) Larry worked on this Blazer and helped everyone out that needed it.
(No Pic) John stopped by for a bit to hang out, then went cruising on his bike.
Sonya prepared lunch. Thanks!

Mel (a friend of Bob's) brought his 65 Mustang. This car is brand new! What a beautiful car! He's going to sell it. I'll post more info when we get it.

Ted replaced the struts on this Subaru. Went pretty smooth with the help of Larry. It actually took them a little less than the official book time of 3.8 hours for both.

Dallas polished the wheels on this TC. Did a few other odds and ends. Also contemplating the best method to replace the Scion emblems with Toyota emblems. He works at Toyota so he should get a good deal on the emblems. Also trying to convince him that now is the time for a turbo!

Will brought his recently purchased Mitsubishi. Car seems to be in great shape. Much better than the old truck that ended up FORD (Found On Road Dead). He changed the oil. Everything looked good and ready for use.

David had Dale work on his wagon. Its difficult to see, but the right rotor was worn thin. The brake pad completely gone and was running metal to metal. Dale installed a new rotor and pads.
The driver side pads were not worn, but the Power Steering hose had a pinhole and was spraying fluid all over the brakes and wheel. You can see the shiny tire as if covered with armor all. He had to replace the hose and the brake pads since the old ones were saturated. Also required some cleanup of the area. Then, he discovered the steering box was leaking out the seal - a lot. That'll be a project for later.

Julian brought his monster Blazer. The steering box had broken the frame and the steering was quite scary. We did a temporary weld, replacement of a bolt and tightened everything up we could. Hopefully that will hold up until a shop can install a couple frame plates for strength.
The emergency cable was loose. Turns out it was disconnected behind the drum. When we removed the drum, a spring fell out. Apparently it is the auto adjust spring since it looks like they have not adjusted for a while. We adjusted the brakes and the repairs will be a task for next time.