July 2008 Tech Day

What a beautiful day we had to work on cars! The crowd was quite small - probably due to the opportunity to enjoy the whether with family and other things.

Ted worked through an electrical issues on his Cherokee. The rear dome light had a short that would blow a fuse. It had actually melted a bit of the dome light fixture and the wire wrap, thus exposing the actual wire. Ted traced it to a safe point and eliminated that rear dome light in the circuit.

Dale adjusted the front bearings on the GTO. He also progressed a bit on the body work to get the car ready to sell.

Chuck replaced the front brake pads on his Maxima. Went very quick and easy.

Dan attempted to replace the pads on the mini but the first brake he tried had a pad wear sensor that the new pads were not machined for. In researching, here's what he discovered. The little wire that connected to the brake pad is a brake wear sensor. As the pad wears down to some point it wears the sensor which causes the brake sensor to illuminate. The sensor is only on the right rear and left front. Some people just zip tie the sensor lines to get them out of the way and not use them at all.

Rod pulled out his sister's 55 so Sonya has room for a garage sale next week. The car hasn't been started in a couple years so we got it going again. Run's a bit rough right now though. Maybe due to the extensive hibernation?