June 2008 Tech Day

Nice long tech day. We went from 8:30 to 8:30. Quite a few projects were completed. We're a little short of photos, my photo crew had other commitments.

Seth - Installed towing package wiring kit on his Honda Pilot. The Pilot came with a towing package but no wiring. My 4runner was the same. Anyone know why they do that?

Len - Repaired wiper motor linkage (we think) on Cordoba. Reviewed body work plans. Len's son is going to redo the car so now there's funding to get the work done. Next tech day is carb replacement.

Dale - Fixed brake and flasher lights on Chevy truck. Turned out to be a bare wire in the bed cover that kept blowing the fuse.
Also took the next step in repairing the GTO quarter panels. Looks like Dale will be selling the GTO.

Tom - Brought his manly Chevy truck by. REplaced the broken mirror - i suppose from driving a bit too wild...

Andrew - Changed oil in Nova (old picture)

Larry - brought his 'new' bike - no pictures this time, maybe next time...

Adam - Wired up stereo in his TOyota pickup. Tim and Steve helped out. (no pics)

Ted - Brought by his 'new' Honda Pilot. Now he has 4 cars! That's far too many, don't you think? Of course Ted helped out on other projects as usual.

Ken - got a 'new' Jeep to have some fun. Pretty good shape. Looks like someone took care of it.
Changed belts, changed oil, other inspection to make sure it was ready to go.

Brandon - CHanged water pump in his Caravan. Went well except for the broken bolt...who needs all those bolts anyway?

1969 Karmann Ghia - a neighbor of Len's has this for sale. THey've owned it since 1970. Contact Len if you or someone you know of has any interest.