March 2008 Tech Day

What a great Tech Day! If you missed it, you were the minority. We ran a full house from 9:00 until 6:00 and then a few people hung around until after 7:00. At least the weather waited until about 8:00 – what a blessing. Even a couple wives stopped by for a couple minutes but we couldn’t convince them to get greasy, wonder why?
We had a waiting line for the pit at times, but there sure was a lot accomplished. Here’s what we did(and I could have missed some – let me know if I did):
Thanks to everyone who showed up, worked on their projects, helped others, and were patient waiting for a spot to work.

Brandon's Valve cover replacement

Ted's Front axle replacemnt

Glenn's MR2 powder coating

Andrew's S10 brakes

Andrew's 72 Nova fuel line and pump and starter solenoid

Doug B's Chevy truck brakes and water pump

Tim's hinge repair

Doug L's nice new ride oil change

Len's Cordoba

Lance's 4runner oil change

Dale's GTO brakes