March 2009 Tech Day

Thanks to Zak spending hours shoveling the snow from the driveway Friday we had a nice dry work area for tech day.
It was great to have Craig walk us through a brake job. We learned some tricks and things to watch out for. There was also a pile of tools Craig has that we need!
We used Dale's drum brakes on his GMC truck and Josh's Ranger front discs as the sample demos.
One of Dale's drum brake shoes was cracked and definitely needed repair. Dale was even kind enough to let Scott do one side of truck rather than the joy of doing it himself...
Josh needed to replace his rotors and actually ended up with a 1/2 price deal for a pair of good quality rotors.
Both jobs were successful and educational.
Craig also helped diagnose a few brake and other issues for us. Thanks!

Josh - In addition to the front discs, Josh changed his serpentine about 10 minutes.

Bob - Debugged 2 issues on his Ford. A rear wheel cylinder is stuck and not working up to par. Also the emergency brake has a bad cable. 2 jobs for next tech day.

Larry - Plugs on his Blazer. ANd, he disposed of all our oil at the auto parts store! Thanks!!

Zak - Removed intake and accessories from his 5.0 liter in preparation to install Mustang accessories and carb.

Len - repaired the door check on his work van (for the most part). Still needs a clip to complete.