May 2008 Tech Day

Another great tech day! The weather was perfect, a lot of projects were completed, and we had so much fun we forgot to eat lunch. Oh well, i assume most of us are ok with a little fasting....
And thanks to Zak for taking some of our photos.

Dale - Replaced Rotors and Pads on Chevy Pickup with Phil's help. Calipers were sticking and caused them to wear too quickly. (he also seemed to be napping while Phil was hard at work on his truck...)
Also replaced rear diff gasket. Was leaking quite badly but is great now.
Dale had to be towed home from CHipotle after tech day. The truck wouldn't start. Hmmm, now how do the rotors or diff cause a vehicle to not start...

Len - Replaced pads on work van. Nice straight forward job.

Seth - Removed and repaired starter on Corolla. Replaced bushings and it seems to work fine. Its a tight fit to get starter out and back in, but it went without a hitch.
Changed oil in new Honda Pilot (and decided to share some of it with the garage floor...). Seth bought this off ebay and had it shipped out. A very nice, clean vehicle that was a good deal for him.

Benjamin - Replaced brake pads on S10 with Andrew's help. Smooth simple job. He was in and out in no time. Sorry, only one pic.

Ted - Replaced driver's door lock mechanism on Subaru. It was a dealer part so he took a trip to Motor City.
Also finished up rust repair on passenger side fender through the primer stage. Just needs final sanding and paint.

Tim - Got a 'new' 88? Toyota pickup. Has rebuilt motor and seems to run very well. He traded his oil burning Acura. The only problem is he doesn't have the 'smoke screen' anymore to run off the cops.
Brake lights weren't working. Turned out to be a missing fuse. Steve and Phil helped out.
Began body work by cutting out some rust and replacing metal. Still needs filler and finishing.

John - John came out to take a serious look under his MR2. However, he spent a lot of time helping Tony on his truck and ended up only having a few minutes under his car. It was extremely straight and clean especially for an older car - we'll get pics next time. What a great deal he got on this one.

Tony - Replaced steering Rack in his Ram. A seal was blown on the original apparently due to mixed fluid types...we think. John was a great help!