May 2009 Tech Day

Nice tech day. Started out cold and slow, then ended up nice and busy. Thanks to Sonya (my 1st wife) for making a great pot of chili!
John (no pics) worked to debug a slow electrical drain on his S10. Discovered a potential culprit by checking amperage across each fuse link. He'll run it without the fuse to see if that's the issue. He also 're-charged' his K&N filter.
Mark F (no pics) had installation of speakers in his Camry to go along with the new stereo.
Zak (no pics) worked to install some accessories on his 5.0 engine.

Malek - Replaced the emergency brake handle in his Geo as well as other odds and ends. His brothers came out too. They helped....?

Phillip and Kaylor - Reverse lights not working in Neon. Wasn't able to fix today. Changed oil, including removal of a stripped drain plug. Also has a strange radiator hose 'sweating' issue. Cleaned off and will keep an eye on it. Also polished the plastic headlights.

Seth - changed the oil in his Pilot

Josh - Changed oil in VW. He lost 2.5 quarts a few weeks ago and can't tell what happened. The dealer did not know either. Everything looks fine. Strange....
Polished scratches out of his taillight lenses.
And of course he spent a bit of time at the table and scarfing M&Ms

Isaac - Changed oil and rotated tires in his Impreza. Nice car.