November 2008 Tech Day

November Tech day last week was another great day. The weather warmed up after a couple hours and we had another productive time.
If I missed anyone or any projects, let me know.

Dale - Removed faulty seatbelt in his wife's Buick. Now he's got to find a replacement. HOpefully he can get a match at the junk yard.
Change oil in Buick
Repaired one rust area of the GTO. Ran out of time so there's still some work remaining.
The GTO did get stranded on the way home, not due the work today, but rather a bad battery. Thanks to my Dad for running by to give him a jump.

Dallas stopped by with his Scion TC. He hung out and helped for a while. He's got a custom exhaust as well as other odds-and-ends. We offered to tear his car apart and attempt some random customization but he wasn't too interested. hmmm, wonder why.....

Larry - El Camino - Larry also stopped by for a while, but had no projects today, just helped and hung out. Had to run to an AIr FOrce game.

Doug - Chevy Pickup - replaced a door hinge pin. What a difference it made in how the door fit! Definitely was needed.
Changed oil.
Changed fuel filter. We made quite a gaseous mess, but nothing exploded...

Harry - Mazda - Harry (Peter's son) just picked up this Mazda the day before. Seemed to be a good buy and runs well.
They replaced the alternator. Access was not so simple, but Peter got it done.
Confirmed the leaky exhaust noise was from a cracked manifold. Shouldn't be too much trouble to fix, but didn't have time today.

Seth - Pilot - CHanged oil
Changed headlamp

Zak - 75 Mustang II - 302 v-8
Picked up Mustang the night before. Ready for hot-rodding, but just doesn't run yet....
Zak hung around and helped out, but didn't get to work on the Mustang.