November 2009 Tech Day

No pics - JOhn replaced the rear lift shocks on his Cherokee
No pics - Andy attempted to replace the plugs in his Subaru, but they were not accessible without lifting the engine! So he decided it wasn't that important.
No pics - Sonya made sloppy joes for lunch! What a great wife!

Dale raised the back of his truck to match the front end lift he did last month. Dale attempted shackles, then blocks, but neither would work. So, he added a leaf which added 1.5 - 2.0 inches. Nice!

Brett changed the oil and brakes on his Honda. First brake job and it turned out great.

Dale and John debugged Dale's leak. The floor was consistently wet. Turned out to be the weatherstrip at the top. They got it repaired.

Josh changed his oil, replaced rear brakes (drums - far too many pieces) and it turned out great, and replaced the serpentine belt. He also helped out a couple friends on their brake jobs.

Ted polished his Subaru headlights. what a difference it made on the plastic lenses!

Chris changed his front brakes for the first time. Did a great job.

We'll save Jacob's for the end. After an icy road mishap with his Rodeo, Jacob bought a parts truck and replaced the rocker, b-pillar, part of a-pillar, and part of the floorboard. Not all done yet, but at least its driveable. This didn't all occur on tech day. SOme was done a couple weeks earlier.