November tech day was Nov 13

The dark side -
2 VWs and a Mustang. And the Mustang had more cc's that the VWs put together.

Brooks replaces pads and rotors on his Jeep, as well as packing the bearings.

Josh researches a strange leak. Transmission fluid is coming from the wires under his Nissan.
But even better, he brought his new VW purchase! Nice car!

Zak checked the brakes on his borrowed Mustang. All looks good. GUess the squeek is something else - just turn up the radio...

Barrack's auction purchase had a couple strange issues. One, it would shift gears intermittantly - even at highway speeds it would drop into first.
Fuel tank wiring seems to have been spliced, leaving the fuel gage inoperative.
Mike came over to debug potential wiring issues. hmmm, did it work?