October 2008 Tech Day

Once again we were able to accomplish quite a bit. (Sure missed those who couldn't make it)

John - MR2 - John removed the Rack from his MR2 to have it rebuilt. It was loose and interfered with his autocross so it had to be dealt with. Probably will take a couple weeks and then he can re-install it. Look at those front tires! Just can't decide which way to go!
Side note: John borrowed his autocross buddies cars for this season and ended up winning the class. Don't think he made many friends doing that....
Changed plugs and plug wires.
Also did a bit of oxygen sensor work. (John's wife Eva stopped by to ensure he was doing things right)

Ken - Wrangler - Ken needed solid doors for the winter. He found a good deal on a couple of them and installed them. Sort of Christmas color thing going on here... Had to mess with the latch a bit to get it to close properly, but it turned out well.
Replaced the emergency brake handle
The engine runs a bit rough at certain speeds. Checked for obvious problems. He's gonna start with plug wires and distributor cap for starters. May need to rebuild carb but will see how the other fixes turn out first.

Andrew - Mercury Marquis - Changed plugs. Not a trivial task!
Dash speakers have a problem. Worked on replacing those. Don't think they were able to finish. This car sure seems to have a lot of speakers!

Brendon - Saturn - Has a rough idle once its warmed up. Autozone decoded to indicate it was cylinder 4. Brendon removed the injectors to clean the connections and ensure they looked ok. Had to remove the fuel rail and other odds and ends. Enjoyed putting it together so much that we had to do it twice. First time an o-ring was pinched which caused a nice solid flammable 'water' fall of fuel. Brendon bought new o-rings and it went together in a snap. Didn't solve the idle problem. But, he did swap some parts around so the next time he has it decoded he'll know where the problem is.
Latest e-mail from Brendon: GOOD NEWS... the misfire code is gone! A bit of the rough idle still remains so I'm going to check the torque on the engine mounts tomorrow (10/26) but the misfire seems to be gone.

Susan - Taurus - Mark changed the oil for Susan. Of course she needed to instruct him on how to do it...

Larry - Bronco - Larry got a nice supply of free synthetic gear lube to put into his Bronco. He got all ready to replace the fluid and found out his supply was automatic trans fluid rather than gear lube. So, just have to wait until next time.
Lubed joints
Changed plugs