October 2009 Tech Day

What a great day! Many completed projects, nice weather, and even great chili for lunch via Sonya. ANd thanks to Sydney for taking the photos. We stopped early (3:30) due to prior commitments Rod had.
HOpefully November's weather will be great and we can work as late as desired.

Tony worked on his Mom's Liberty. Just the plugs today, but much more to come later.

Dale got a new (to him) truck! He raised the front suspension via torsion bars. Not too difficult, just a bit of muscle. The rear lift kit didn't fit properly so he'll probably use blocks. ALthough the jacking spacers were quite impressive - if you live in Tennessee...

Glenn and his wife worked on their son's Toyota. Pretty smooth how he worked it out to have his parents do the work! They replaced the washer motor which turned out to be operator error. Worked to debug a power steering leak. Exhaust leaked terribly so the muffler was removed and a new pipe will be fabricated via a local shop. So for now the car has that custom 'wheres my muffler' sound. Also repaired something in the door - don't know exactly what.

Doug replaced the wiper motor on his truck with one from a salvage yard. $20, not bad...and it even worked!
Not sure what ate the grill!

Dale worked on a friends Explorer to change the plugs. Some were more easily accessed via the wheel well. One of the new plugs disappeared in the engine compartment so it has 7 new plugs.

Larry and Andrew replaced the struts on Larry's mini-van. Went pretty smooth and probably rides like new, or at perhaps rides like 'not so old'.

Jacob did a bit of inspection to determine if his recent custom bodywork during last week's ice storm could be undone. Frame appears completely straight, but the repair would still require replacing the door, entire B pillar, and the rocker. That could take an entire morning!

Brett Goodlin also stopped by to replace the washer motor on his HOnda. Went smooth other than the washer fluid shower one of us took by accident.