September 2008 Tech Day

We were blessed with another beautiful day. We got a few projects completed and even had time to eat lunch.

Larry - El Camino - Larry installed a new storage 'bucket' behind the driver seat and installed Dynamat around that bucket as well as on the entire back panel. This should greatly enhance the quiet ride. The back panel will get covered with carpet. He's also got new floor carpet, door panels, dash, etc that he just hasn't had time to put in.

Andrew - Mercury Marquis - Andrew brought his most recent purchase. Seems to be in really nice condition in and out. His trunk lid kept coming open while he was driving due to the thump of his stereo. We fixed that by turning off the stereo. However that was not an acceptable solution to Andrew so we fixed the latch...we think.
Andrew also replaced the front brake pads and confirmed the rear shoes were ok for a while to come.
The power windows were acting up and may require replacement of one or two.
Chuck stopped by with his son Chuck for a while. We almost got him dirty while checking Andrew's tranny fluid. It smelled a little burnt so Andrew may replace it.

Tom - 92 Mustang - Tom had faulty turn signals. Turns out there was a combination of broken wiring and a bad flasher. Ended up taking the entire driver's side dash apart to get to the wiring. All was repaired and put back together - amazing. Tom also had a screw in a tire which he quickly repaired. A couple days later his battery and starter went out. Don't think he'll wait for the next tech day to fix that.

Clay - Cavalier - Clay and Tony attempted to repair a leaking oil pan gasket. Its amazing how much has to be moved to get to it. THe motor had to be disconnected and raised up, the starter removed, along with too many other things. THe commitment was too much for such a small leak so Clay decided it was better to just catch the oil as it leaks in his garage... Clay also changed the oil, replaced the oil pan plug, and tightened up the loose tranny pan.

Mark - Ranger - Mark bought an economical truck to drive to work. It has a few dents and dings. Mark and his sons Andrew and Zachary began body work and priming for a future paint date.