September 2009 Tech Day

What a great day! Lots of projects, and they all were successful (at least by 10:00pm).
Along with the notes below, Craig also stopped by on his bike (1 of 4) to help out for a while - that's always good - we need it!

Dale wins the award for most items accomplished. He changed oil, repaired a headlight, installed a class 3 hitch, repaired driver's door weatherstripping, and replaced a broken sway bar link.

John stopped by with his bike for a little bit. He didn't take it apart this time.

Dale wanted to replace his GTO shocks, but instead worked to repair a rusted fender. Good job, Dale!

Chuck brought his Maxima. He polished the headlights, checked a squeaky belt, cleaned up the vinyl, and fabricated threading for a fixture.

Must have been something about September. Doug also had to replace a sway bar link just as Dale. However he had the joy of using the plasma cutter to remove the old. Oh yeah!

Josh wins the award for biggest and longest job. He and his Dad, Kevin, replaced the CV boot on his VW. PLanned on doing both sides, but it took a bit longer than expected. Josh learned a lot about pulling the CV joint and axle out - the primary lesson being to get a shop manual first....

And John wins the award for largest pile of left over parts. Actually he began removing all the extraneous parts from his 2nd MR2 to prepare it for autocross. He had been borrowing other driver's cars, but kept winning against the owners. THus, he now must get his own car.

Lois also came by to have her headlights polished.